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Custom Check

We live in a dynamic world nowadays. With the Custom Check, you are assured of a customised screening process that perfectly suits the unique needs of your organisation.

How does the Custom check work exactly?

The Custom Check consists of three different types of checks:

Digitisation of questionnaires and/or forms:

This check can digitise various forms and/or questionnaires. You can think of; certificates or other relevant papers. The forms and/or questionnaires are checked and processed to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Checking a new register:

Validata can verify new or sector-specific registers from the client. For example; a bar association or an occupational health and safety service.

Deeplink variation:

This check is automated and focuses on, for example, a disciplinary register or other financial registers. Because this check is automated, it ensures efficient verification.

This will reduce the turnaround time. The turnaround time for a Custom Check can vary. It depends on a source; a public register, for example, can be checked more quickly, so it is usually completed within 48 hours. If a source has to be consulted, you may have to wait for a response which may delay the process.

Examples of a Custom Check

The possibilities of a Custom Check are endless. Some examples of customisation in a Custom Check are:

  • A confidentiality agreement
  • A code of conduct
  • An integrity declaration
  • A special diploma verification
  • A driving licence check
  • A medical check
  • A credit check
  • A disciplinary register check
  • The bar association check

Customisation for certainty

A few advantages of a Custom Check are:

  • It’s time-saving. Because you can focus on other relevant checks, you can save a lot of resources. (For example; less paper, more digitisation) and your organisation will be more efficient.
  • You are the one in control. You can decide which checks are carried out and . This means that you can choose to receive a certain rapport separately or all together.
  • The Custom Check is flexible and can be adapted to changing laws and regulations.

Which screening profile suits my company?

The Custom Check is tailor-made for your company

Validata has multiple experienced specialists working closely with your organisation to set up a check. By looking closely at your specific situation and analysing certain risks, you can determine which checks are most relevant for your organisation.

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Custom check always according the GDPR guidelines

At Validata we are always aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Besides putting privacy and security first with us, we also ensure that the privacy of your data is safeguarded.

Why screen employees through Validata?

Validata is a specialist in the screening field. Whether screening new or your current employees, at Validata we help you build an organisation with integrity.

  • Save costs
  • Recruit and retain reliable staff
  • Create a safer workspace

Visit our website and find out how Validata can help screen your organisation.


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