Valluga's new features

Fast results with Valluga’s new features

Our current system already receives a lot of positive feedback when it comes to candidate experience. With our new application Valluga, we take it even one step further. As Validata’s client, you want your candidates to go through their screening process fast and easy. Smart adaptations and innovative developments ensure you will be able to analyse the screening results even quicker. In this blog, we list every new feature of Valluga.

To further optimise the candidate experience, Valluga’s client environment has been developed with UX and UI design in mind.

Optimal online candidate environment for a more efficient process

A fast and efficient screening process is determined by many factors. ‘First of all, we have invested a lot of time in optimising the candidate environment,’ says Bart Bijkerk – CTO/COO and Product Owner Valluga. ‘As soon as a client registers a candidate for a screening, the screening process starts. The candidate can then submit all the relevant personal data, documents and other input via a personal account in a secure online environment.’

‘To prevent candidates from having to focus on too many time-consuming actions – when checking education, degrees and work experience, for example – we have meticulously analysed the current system. Every pro and con has been compared and extra adaptations have been made. To further optimise the candidate experience, Valluga’s client environment has been developed with UX and UI design in mind.’

Mobile first: altijd en overal een screeningsproces doorlopen

‘De nieuwe kandidaatomgeving is gebaseerd op de mobile first gedachte. Dit betekent dat de omgeving direct wordt ontworpen voor mobiel gebruik. Pas daarna worden alle onderdelen vertaald naar een desktopversie. Op deze manier krijgen kandidaten meer vrijheid om de screening te doorlopen waar en wanneer het hen uitkomt. Deze flexibiliteit komt de doorlooptijd ten goede.’

‘Ook het toepassen van nieuwe technieken helpt het screeningsproces te versnellen. Zo kan vanuit Valluga de camera van een smartphone of iPad worden geactiveerd om informatie te uploaden. Daarnaast zijn we bezig om stappen te maken in de ID-verificatie. Valluga zal onder andere worden voorbereid om in de toekomst gebruik te kunnen maken van de NFC-chip in smartphones. Kandidaten kunnen straks de benodigde informatie uit hun identiteitsbewijs halen door het mobiele apparaat daar tegenaan te houden.’

Many adaptations were made in Validata Support as well, which helps us process the increasing number of screenings even faster

Improved architecture and efficient adaptations

‘Many adaptations were made in Validata Support too. These are not immediately visible for clients and candidates because they are placed at ‘the back’ of the system. These efficient changes allow Validata to process the increasing amount of screenings in a minimum amount of time. Next to that, sharing personal data with professional data suppliers has been optimised. All these separate elements enable a faster lead time, so a screening process takes less time and you will receive the results faster.’