Visma|Raet integration

What is Visma|Raet?

The Visma HRM & Payroll cloud software lets employees have responsibility over administrative and recurring tasks, instead of an HR department intervening. The HR software then takes care of verifications and the processing of this data. Through the Visma HR app, employees can access their personal HR environment where they can submit their expense claims and time-off, among other things. In addition to that, Visma|Raet streamlines, automates and optimises recruitment processes for its customers through the recruitment software EasyCruit.

EasyCruit enables candidates to be recruited, selected and placed faster. Besides optimising all stages of the recruitment process, the recruitment process can be partly automated and managed in EasyCruit.

Visma|Raet’s software is used within various industries such as healthcare, education and government. Because the software can be adapted to the specific needs and preferences of the organisation, this ensures a positive candidate experience as well as a positive experience for recruiters.

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