Validata wins ‘Data Protection Law’ Award at the 2022 European Legal Awards

Validata wins ‘Data Protection Law’ Award at the 2022 European Legal Awards

On November 30th, 2022 the third edition of the European Legal Awards was held at the Ritz hotel in Paris. Validata was awarded the ‘Data Protection Law’ Award for its ability to uphold the highest privacy and security standards.

‘Data Protection Law Award’ for Validata’s privacy measures

Validata Group was chosen by a panel of independent judges for demonstrating exceptional achievement in one of the 15 categories at this year’s edition of the European Legal Awards. Reflecting the program’s core values of privacy, security, and integrity, Validata Group has proven to be an outstanding leader in data protection. Each year, Validata conducts thousands of screenings worldwide and this creates a commitment to operate responsibly and ensure that organisations grow sustainably. With a dedicated Privacy and Security team, Validata guarantees that clients meet all (inter)national privacy laws and regulations when screening employees. Ultimately, the protection of candidate and client data on an international level has stood Validata Group apart in their sector.

“The protection of data and the security of our software are perhaps the most important preconditions for our existence. I am exceptionally proud of how we have grown to support clients implement a GDPR-compliant screening process across countries and to be recognised by the European Legal Awards for our data protection practices is a significant achievement for our business.”

Harm Voogt, CEO Validata Group

Continuous development of data protection

As the demand for employment screening continues to grow, the need for rigorous protection protocols for candidates’ personal information has never been more clear. Employees are continuing to work from home and equally, the recruitment and onboarding process is being conducted predominantly online. It means that companies are increasingly having to process sensitive information online and at scale. Businesses need to be aware of what GDPR-compliant screening looks like, and how to protect their employees’ data. Outstandingly, Validata is playing a significant role in supporting companies to screen safely.

“Ultimately, we have given our clients more control from a privacy point of view. We have helped clients become more aware of what data they should process and when, which ultimately better protects the person being screened. Our deep understanding of privacy legislation and data protection gives our clients the comfort of being sure.”

Harm Voogt, CEO Validata Group

European Legal Awards

The Professional and Business Excellence Institute rewards businesses with outstanding achievements in a variety of sectors. The European Awards which include four award divisions; Legal, Technology, Healthcare, and Business recognise the unique success and innovations of businesses in these fields. Previous Award winners of the European Legal Awards include several prominent law firms specialised in International, Information Technology, Consumer, and Commercial Law to name a few. Every year, the objective is to bring together inspirational professionals from diverse backgrounds and exchange knowledge.

Validata Group: European ambitions

Validata believes that people determine the success of an organisation. By knowing who you hire, organisational quality and integrity can be continuously guaranteed. Since 2009, Validata has empowered organisations to make better-informed hiring decisions. Today, the company is the market leader for employment screening in the Netherlands. However, Validata also has a European presence. Responding to market demand and to locally serve the Scandinavian market, Validata has its second office location in Stockholm, Sweden. More locations in Europe will also follow allowing organisations throughout Europe, to guarantee the quality and integrity of their employees.