Validata receives FD Gazellen Award 2021

Validata receives FD Gazellen Award

This week, the prestigious FD Gazellen Awards named the fastest growing businesses in the Netherlands. This year too, Validata Group can call itself a FD Gazelle. ‘To be selected for the FD Gazellen is already an achievement,’ says Pim Kakebeeke, data journalist and researcher FD Gazellen Awards. ‘Making this happen seven years in a row, is really outstanding.’

Validata expects a 30% increase in 2021, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic

‘The fact that we have received the FD Gazellen Award for the seventh time, shows that Validata continues to grow structurally and at a steady pace,’ says Job van der Weijden, CFO Validata. ‘Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, we even expect to achieve a sales growth of 30% in 2021, compared to last year.’

‘Our team has also expanded, so we are able to support an increasing number of clients with the same level of high-quality service and software. In addition, Validata did not request any governmental support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to have kept evolving, whilst using our own resources.’

‘Organisations achieving continuous growth are the true gems in Dutch business.’ – Pim Kakebeeke, data journalist and researcher FD Gazellen Awards

FD Gazellen reflect less than 1% of Dutch businesses

The Netherlands is home to a total of 2 million businesses. In 2021, 691 organisations were selected for the FD Gazellen Awards; the peak of the Dutch business landscape. Less than 1% of Dutch businesses is a fast-growing business.

But that is not all. ‘Of the 691 FD Gazellen in 2021, only 50 organisations received this Award at least seven times. That is 7% of all the FD Gazellen,’ Pim explains. ‘These businesses do not want a quick profit, but focus on sustainable growth instead. For many years, they have been meeting our criteria and that is quite unique!’

Dutch market leader Validata has impressive European ambitions

‘By always meeting the current market demand and continuously evolving, Validata remains Dutch market leader in employment screening,’ Job adds. ‘But we have an impressive European ambition too. In May 2021, we opened an office in Stockholm, Sweden. We plan to open more European offices in the coming years. Additionally, we will also stay ambitious regarding the FD Gazellen; we are going for at least ten FD Gazellen Awards in a row!’

**The awards should have taken place on November 25th, 2021. However, due to Covid-19 measures the award ceremony will now be taking place on March 22nd, 2022.