Screening your employees is the first step towards building a successful organisation

Integral and qualified employees are key to sustainable growth.

Screening employees to strengthen risk management

Screening personnel before they start their new position is not an unnecessary luxury. ‘Three-quarters of CVs contain untruths: people are afraid that they won’t get the job,’ was the headline of the AD newspaper 2019. These untruths can involve minor adjustments, but also larger fabrications. The latter can have serious consequences. A miss-hire not only increases the risk of financial costs but also creates a risk of reputational damage.

Screening helps ensure quality and integrity

The majority of untruths in resumes relate to work experience (44%) and education (37%). For example, (unintentional) mistakes are often made in noting the period of employment; someone may indicate having worked for an organisation until July 1st when in reality it was until June 31st. However, not all untruths are innocent. It may be that the individual’s job title is deliberately made more significant. For instance, the job title on the resume may contain more responsibilities than in reality.

Screening employees with Validata

When your screenings are properly arranged and executed, it will save your organisation a lot of time, effort, and money. The better the various screening components are aligned, the more efficient the process will be for both candidates and your organisation.

Outsourcing employment screening to a professional screening organisation such as Validata ensures that the different departments within your organisation can focus on what they do best. After each screening, you will receive a clear screening report that you can use to make better-informed hiring decisions and your organisation can continue to grow.

After years of experience with screening in various sectors, Validata always offers the right solution for each screening situation. Whether it is a standard screening profile or a perfectly fitted profile that corresponds to your personal needs, we are happy to think along with you.