Validata names
new management team

Validata names new Management team, for consistent growth and international ambitions

Validata Group looks back on a successful year. Top highlights included new collaborations, the launch of the screening application Valluga, and the opening of its Swedish branch in Stockholm. Moreover, there are even greater aspirations for the upcoming years. To sustain Validata’s growth and achieve its international ambitions, a new Management team has been formed as of January 1st, 2022. 

Business operations and international ambitions 

Validata has seen a global increase in demand for employment screening. “Companies are increasingly obliged to screen people for both commercial and legal reasons,” says Harm Voogt, CEO of Validata. Evidently, the organisation has seen an opportunity to expand internationally within Europe, a good example being Sweden. Consequently, appointing a Management team has been a logical next step to support the organisation’s growth. In addition to Validata’s Board of Directors, Robbert Remmers and Koen Peeters will join the Management team and will be responsible for all business operations. 

This internal transformation gives the founders and board members; Harm Voogt, Job van der Weijden (CFO), and Bart Bijkerk (COO/CTO) the opportunity to focus on Validata’s long-term growth, innovation, and expansion. The strategic set-up clearly defines responsibilities and appoints Robbert Remmers and Koen Peeters in charge of the day-to-day execution of tasks and the organisation’s joint development. 

Forming the Management team  

Koen Peeters – Product Operations Director 

“Our software application Valluga is the backbone of our business. The combination of software development, implementation, and assistance of the Support department will now come together in my new role at a higher and more strategic level within the organisation.” 

Koen Peeters, Product & Operations Director

Koen Peeters was the first full-time employee at Validata back in 2012 and knows the company like no other. Previously, Koen was responsible for the Support department and played a crucial role in optimising and automating the screening process.

After several years working at different companies, he returned to Validata to take on the role of Software Delivery Manager, responsible for managing the Software Development team. Due to Koen’s operational experience with the screening process and his extensive IT knowledge, he was the right candidate to take on the role of Product Operations Director. As of January 1st, 2022, he will be responsible for the following aspects:

  • Maintaining and developing Validata’s screening application Valluga;
  • Implementing our software for clients;
  • Managing the Support team and indirectly Validata’s support processes for clients and candidates.

Robbert Remmers – Commercial Director 

“Validata’s client portfolio has expanded significantly and this number continues to grow. It’s not only the onboarding of new customers but especially maintaining and reinforcing existing client relationships that are essential for Validata’s future growth, also internationally.”  

Robbert Remmers, Commercial Director

Robbert Remmers joined Validata in 2017 and has worked in various roles to onboard new customers and nurture client relationships. With over a decade of experience in commercial roles at international HR companies, Robbert has vast knowledge in relationship Management, client acquisition, and partnership management. He has been responsible for Validata’s Commercial team for many years. Now as Commercial Director Robbert will be responsible for Validata’s partnerships and the sales and account management in and outside of the Netherlands.

A glance at the new year

The new year brings new challenges that will be grasped by the Management team with both hands. The addition of Koen Peeters and Robbert Remmers means that more opportunities can be explored in 2022 because the internal focus is on the right things. Furthermore, the formation of the Management team creates movement within the organisation. Consequently, it offers more opportunities for the individual development of employees. The organisation aims to grow sustainably along with recent developments.