Despite a tight labor market, the number of employee screenings continues to rise steadily

Amsterdam, January 20, 2022 – The number of employment screenings has increased significantly in recent years. Over the past two years, Validata Group, market leader in the Netherlands in the field of employment screening, recorded a 61 percent increase in the total number of screenings in the Netherlands. The largest percentage increase in screenings over the past year was seen in the logistics sector. The financial sector currently conducts the highest number of screenings in total.

“Due to the tight labor market and the difficulties experienced by employers filling vacancies, you would expect that candidate screening is often omitted,” says Harm Voogt, CEO at Validata. “The opposite is true, because the number of screenings is still increasing and working from home appears to have a major influence on this. Employers generally have less contact and less insight into the work activities of employees. If they want to make sure they hire the right candidate, a screening is the best thing to do.”

This includes screenings to see whether the employee has the correct diplomas and whether he or she has large financial debts, whether the work experience has been correctly specified, and whether the employee has a criminal record.

Financial and business sector lead

The financial sector has been the frontrunner in the absolute number of screenings for the past three years. Over the past year, this total increased by more than 28 percent. Screenings are also daily business in the business services sector and the number is still increasing. The number of screenings performed at business service providers almost doubled in the past two years. Voogt: “Legalisation of the business sectors means that organisations are placing risk management higher and higher on the agenda than ever before. And employment screening is an important part of this.”

Staff shortage in care leads to small decrease

Not all sectors have seen an increase in the number of screenings. In the healthcare sector, the number has fallen by almost eight percent compared to two years ago. “The decline in the healthcare sector may be related to the acute shortage of personnel. The sector is under great pressure and screening for jobs where it is not necessary is being postponed. The applicants for jobs where screening is mandatory have logically been screened,” says Voogt.

The number of screenings has also fallen in the catering and hospitality sector. Over the past year, the number of screenings even halved, compared to two years ago, there is a decrease of thirty percent. “The catering industry has of course been hit hard over the past two years. The forced closure of many companies has meant that less employees have been hired,” says Voogt.

Online orders cause peak

The absolute top of the list is the logistics sector, where the number of applications has increased more than fivefold in the past year. Compared to 2019, there is even an increase of 450 percent. Voogt: “The increase is a direct result of the pandemic. The number of online orders has increased due to working from home and the closing of the non-essential stores. Those parcels have to be delivered, so the demand for personnel in that sector has increased dramatically.”

Screening numbers in the software and telecom sector quadruple

The software and telecom sector has also seen a significant increase, with the number quadrupling from that of two years ago. Voogt: “In the software sector, in particular, employees often come into contact with sensitive information, such as a developer who has access to a company’s database. Screening is then commonly conducted to ensure that a candidate has integrity and may not have made a mistake in the past.”

About Validata

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