I am being screened

This page is dedicated to candidates, During a screening, we securely process your personal data. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Screening information

During a screening, we process your personal data. Privacy regulations apply to the screening process and it needs to be conducted in a secure manner, so you can trust nothing goes wrong.

Validata meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). To guarantee the security of the software and the screening process, Validata uses strict frameworks that are periodically tested by independent parties. At Validata, the processing of your data is in safe hands.

Questions during the screening

My (future) employer has registered me for a screening, but I haven’t received anything yet. What should I do?

When your (future) employer has registered you for a screening, you will immediately receive an activation e-mail from Validata. This is an automated process. In most cases, if you have not yet received anything, the employer has not yet requested the screening. In some cases, it may happen that the employer has entered your e-mail address incorrectly. Then we would kindly ask you to contact our Support department to provide the correct e-mail address. They can also check if you have a screening pending.


Can I access the screening report when the screening is completed?

Both you and your employer will have access to the screening report within Validata’s online environment once the screening is completed. In that case, you will receive an email that you can view and download the report with the results from within the application.

In addition, through our online environment, you will get insight into the interim status of the individual checks.

Does Validata provide an opinion in the report regarding whether or not to hire a candidate?

No, we only report objective findings. We verify the information that the candidate provides to us and if this information does not correspond 100% with the information at our data suppliers, an exclamation point or question mark will appear.

• I have received an email that additional information is required, what does this mean?

This means that we have additional questions regarding the data you submitted in the screening. Please log in to the screening and review the checks where it states ‘action required’.

• My referee has stopped working at the organisation which I indicated. Therefore, the email address is no longer correct. How can I proceed?

During our reference check, we verify if you have worked at your stated previous employer(s). We check this directly at the source i.e. your previous employer or organisation. Consequently, your referee’s email address should include the name of the organisation. Private or general email addresses such as support@, servicedesk@, and customerservice@ are not allowed. If you no longer know anyone at the organisation, you may submit the HR department as they can also confirm your previous position.

• I received an email that my referee did not respond, what can I do?

This is an informative email to update you on your ongoing screening process.  If you received this mail it means that one or more of your referees have not responded to the reference request. Please contact your referee and request them to respond as soon as possible. It is not possible to change the contact details of your referee(s) in this process.

• During a reference request, what questions will my referee be asked?

During a work experience check, the referee is asked to verify the following questions:

  • Are the start date and resignation date of employment correct?
  • Is the position and name of the organisation shared correctly?

The referee may be asked additional questions that have been specified by your (new) employer. Please contact the Support department to find out if your (new) employer asks additional questions during the reference request.

Is your question not listed above? Read our detailed FAQ section for candidates.

How it works?

Step 1: Log in
Log in with your username and password
Step 2: Fill in your data
Fill in the required data
Step 3: Start screening
Validata conducts the screening
Step 4: Screening completed
You can download the report

Your privacy is important to us

Validata offers screening services to large and small organisations who need to verify certain personal data because of policies or law and regulations, before entering into new business relations. This could concern employers having to check degrees and diploma’s or real estate agents making sure future tenants can pay the rent.

We understand that being screened is not something you might enjoy; in fact, our client obligates you to do so. Therefore, your privacy is important to us. We can only provide excellent services when you trust us with your data. Even though it is expected of you to cooperate, we believe you only will when we are transparent about how we process and secure your personal data. We are happy to inform you about it and the way you can contact us, in case you have any questions.

Below, we have listed several measures which show how important your privacy is to us:

  • Validata’s Privacy statement describes how we process your data and your rights in relation to this.
  • Validata has appointed a Data Protection Offices (DPO) that works independently within Validata to ensure we keep complying with the privacy laws.
  • All (software) developments focused on handling personal data rely on ‘privacy by design’.
  • All processing of personal data is logged by PrivacyPerfect’s system. It allows us to monitor our processing correctly as well as check our performance at a later stage.
  • We develop our own software using Mendix‘ applications and technology, with the added knowledge and skills of finaps.
  • When it comes to security, we are working closely together with Zerocopter. This independent specialist periodically checks our system for weaknesses.