Frequently Asked Questions for candidates and employees

Are you being screened by us? We understand that you then have questions about the process and the data we collect.

Questions before the screening

• My (future) employer has registered me for a screening, but I haven’t received anything yet, what should I do?

When your (future) employer has registered you for a screening, you will immediately receive an activation e-mail from Validata. This is an automated process. In most cases if you have not yet received anything, the employer has not yet requested the screening. In a few cases it may be the case that the employer has entered the e-mail address incorrectly. In this case, it is best to contact our Support department to provide the correct e-mail address.

Questions during the screening

• My referee has stopped working at the organisation that I have submitted. Therefore, the email address is not correct anymore. How do I proceed?

During our reference check, we verify if you have worked at the organisation you have stated. We check the source – aka the organisation – and therefore, the email address of your referee should include the name of the organisation. Private or general email addresses like info@, clientservice@, etcetera, are not allowed. If you do not know anyone anymore at the organisation, you can submit its HR department as they can also confirm your previous position.

• What questions are asked of my specified referee during the reference request?

During the Work experience check, the referee is asked to verify the following questions:

  • Is the date of commencement and resignation of the employment correct?
  • Are the position and name of the organisation where the candidate has worked correct?

It is possible that the referee is asked additional questions that have been specified by your (new) employer. Contact the Support department to find out if your (new) employer asks additional questions during the reference request.

• I cannot log in because the activation link has expired. How can I access my screening?

Due to security reasons, the activation link in the email is only valid once: upon activating your account. Did you log out and would you like to log in again? Please visit this page: and use your username – aka your email address – and a personal password.

• At one or more of the screening elements, a clock or the status processing appears. What does this mean?

A clock or the status processing refers to ‘waiting for reply’, from an external data supplier for example or referee(s). When a clock or the status processing appears, editing this screening element is temporarily not possible.

• When logging in, my telephone number is not recognised. How do I proceed?

If your mobile phone number is not recognised, a wrong number might have been submitted when requesting the screening. If you see this notification, it is best to contact Validata Support. They can immediately edit the telephone number so you can log in again.

• I have uploaded a document at ‘my documents’. Does Validata have access to this?

No, Validata does not have access. The documents that are uploaded during the screening process in ‘my documents’ are only visible to you. ‘My documents’ is a digital safe in your personal account.

• After having changed a screening element, I keep receiving reminders to adjust this element. How can I stop this?

If you receive these reminders, you might have adjusted a screening element, but forgot to submit the new data. Did you add extra input for certain elements? Click ‘submit adjusted data’ so we can continue your screening. The reminders will stop automatically.

• I receive an error when logging in. What is happening?

These errors occur when you try to log in using a mobile device, like a smartphone or iPad or via web browser Internet Explorer/Edge. Unfortunately, our current system is not compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, we advise you to log in via a laptop or PC and use web browser Google Chrome.

• The ‘period between work experiences’ is not correct. How can I adjust this?

Based on the work experience you submitted, the period between your work experiences is automatically filled in. If you have mentioned to have worked from 2013 to September 2015 and from November 2015 to today for example, you are asked about your (work) experience in October 2015, the period in between. Does this period not correspond with reality? Then, the wrong date might have been filled in at one of the work experiences. Check these details before submitting your screening.

• Will Validata take care of my Dutch certificate of conduct request or do I have to arrange this myself?

We arrange the application at Dienst Justis using the selected screening profile. Then, you need to request your certificate of conduct at Dienst Justis, for example online using your DigiD. You will receive instructions via email. If you do not have a DigiD, we will send you an email including an application form so you can request a certificate of conduct at your municipality. To request an international equivalent of the certificate of conduct, we will send you an email with instructions.

Questions after the screening

• Some screening elements are completed with an exclamation point and/or question mark. What does this mean?

During your screening, you submit the necessary data yourself. If these do not correspond 100% with the information of our data suppliers, an exclamation point and/or question mark appears.

A question mark means that we could not verify your data with complete certainty at our data suppliers’. An exclamation point refers to an important attention point for your (potential) employer: please check and further discuss. In most cases, it concerns a minor default that can be easily explained.

In factual data verification it is a challenge to offer a clear view of complex situations. Therefore, we advise all of our clients to discuss the screening report. If this discussion has not been scheduled yet, you can initiate it yourself.

• My screening procedure states, ‘waiting for certificate of conduct’ or ‘completed’. The screening report has been sent to myself and my (potential) employer. Can I still make adjustments to my report?

Unfortunately, we cannot make further adjustments that could possibly influence the results of the screening report. Therefore, we do not reopen completed screenings. It is important to check all the details before submitting them.

• My screening process has been completed and I have received my report. Do I have to send it to my (potential) employer?

No, we will do this for you. Your (future) employer receives the screening report at the same time as you.

• My screening report has been completed ‘mid-term’, without a certificate of conduct. Why?

Often, requesting a certificate of conducttakes longer than completing the other screening elements. Therefore, we create an intermediate report without a certificate of conduct. This means all the screening elements are already visible for you and your (potential) employer.

Please note: If your screening states ‘waiting for certificate of conduct’, the screening report has been released. No further adjustments can be made to the intermediate report.