Validata assists VUmc in obtaining JCI accreditation


Validata assists VUmc in obtaining JCI accreditation

When you are treated in a hospital as a patient, you would expect to be in safe hands. Healthcare institutions can guarantee this by obtaining accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI), supported by the WHO. After a run-up of two years when 1200 elements were assessed, the VUmc is working towards JCI accreditation – to be obtained in October 2019 – following a successful audit.

‘JCI accreditation is an international quality and patient safety mark for the healthcare sector, where several checks indicate if (potential) employees are qualified for the job,’ explains Monique Meijer, Project Manager JCI Accreditation, Personnel and Organisation at the VUmc. ‘Source verification is a legal requirement; checking if the persons concerned did obtain their degrees and/or diplomas at the institution they shared.’ Validata assists the VUmc in conducting various screenings, including source verification.

VUmc and AMC successfully working together with Validata

‘Before, we were checking the degrees and/or diploma’s and other documents of new employees ourselves by requesting, scanning and filing the documents,’ explains Monique. ‘When using primary source verification became a legal requirement for the VUmc to use, we decided to outsource this part. Enquiry at the Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC) – our partner and the first Dutch hospital to obtain JCI accreditation – proved that they were already successfully working together with Validata for many years. That is why two years ago, we also decided to start a collaboration with Validata.’

‘Nowadays, we can immediately request a screening to check various documents of a new employee. The screening conducted by Validata also includes primary source verification; the required element that we were not prepared for before.’

Validata is a partner that really listens to its clients and adapts its service to the sector’s current needs.

Monique Meijer – Project Manager JCI Accreditation, Personnel and Organisation

Validata provides professional assistance, now and in the future

‘The advantage of our collaboration with Validata is the continuity they provide. If we would conduct the screenings ourselves and one of our employees would become unavailable, it could cause serious problems. Also, Validata provides continuous professional assistance; through their automated processes as well as their support team. And finally, outsourcing our screenings saves us a lot of valuable time.’

‘After having successfully completed a pilot with Validata, we started screening every new healthcare professional from 1st of January 2018 onwards. The fact that, following a successful audit, the VUmc can obtain JCI accreditation in October 2019, means we are required to also start screening current employees. I can imagine that Validata will play a role in this too. The details have yet to be termined, but a new collaboration with Validata could certainly be an option.’