Talent&Pro meets sector-specific requirements using employment screening

The speed of the screening process was our main reason for choosing Validata’

Talent&Pro is a secondment specialist and preferred partner for major Dutch banks, mortgage lenders, insurers, pension funds, and financial administrators. The organisation distinguishes itself with its development programme for professionals and its focus on the growth of young talent through secondment.

‘We place young professionals at clients such as Rabobank, ABN AMRO and Nationale Nederlanden. Due to the needs of our clients, we started with employment screening,’ says Babette in ‘t Hout, HR Specialist at Talent&Pro. ‘By screening with Validata we are confident that we meet all the required standards’ says colleague Pauline Nunen.

Screening guarantees qualified and honest candidates

‘We mainly operate in the financial sector where the integrity and quality of personnel are essential. In this sector, we are expected to comply with specific legislation, and employment screening is mandatory the moment we enter into an agreement with clients. That is why Talent&Pro screens candidates before placing them externally.’

‘We also place people in other sectors, for instance in healthcare,’ Pauline adds. ‘In these cases, we also conduct employment screening. By doing so, we always guarantee that our clients – regardless of their sector – hire honest and qualified candidates. By screening with Validata, we unequivocally know that all required and relevant checks are done.’

‘Validata keeps its promise to deliver the screening report quickly.’

Pauline Nunen, HR Specialist at Talent&Pro

Validata’s short turnaround time enables candidates to start a new job quickly

‘Some clients have an strict policy and state that a candidate may only be placed with them once the screening process has been completed. That is why the short turnaround time at Validata is so important to us. In our work, you have to be able to switch quickly. The sooner the screening report is ready, the sooner a candidate can get to work.’

‘At the end of 2019, we started screening with Validata. Before this cooperation, we also outsourced our employment screening, but we experienced much longer turnaround times with this party. It could take weeks before we had the results in our hands,’ explains Pauline. ‘Validata keeps its promise to deliver the screening report quickly. One way Validata achieves this is by sending reminders to our candidates during the process, for example, if a screened element has not yet been filled in or is incomplete. The speed with which the screening process is started, processed, and completed is the main reason we chose Validata at the time.’

Candidates sometimes find the screening process difficult

‘Requesting a screening is a piece of cake for us,’ says Babette. ‘We start the process with only three clicks of a button. For our candidates, it is a bit more work. They have to provide the necessary information and submit referees. We have noticed that our young professionals occasionally have difficulty with the fact that they are being screened.’

‘Our young professionals – the name says it all – are quite young,’ adds Pauline. ‘Validata’s online application works well, but the fact that our candidates do not have much work experience yet and still have to submit the details of a referee can create stress. You notice that they want to do well. That is why it is important to us that Validata delivers a user-friendly screening process which supports candidates go through the screening easily and efficiently.’

Talent&Pro offers certainty with sector-specific screening profiles

‘For each sector, Validata has three relevant screening profiles – Good, Better, and Best – with the number of checks increasing in each profile. We use the screening profile Good because it’s tailored for the financial sector. In addition, Validata offers the possibility to complement its standard profiles with extra checks. Talent&Pro, for example, conducts an extra creditworthiness check.’

‘Of course, you want to avoid a situation where a candidate is placed at a financial institution and it later emerges that they are in large amounts of debt. This can be a potential risk for the client. We find that with this form of employment screening we can offer our clients enough security and at the same time not put any unnecessary pressure on our candidates with an excess of screening checks.’

An open relationship where Validata thinks along with us

‘Our cooperation with Validata is a very positive experience,’ says Babette. They quickly deliver the screening reports and our Customer Success Manager, Bart Weustink, is easily accessible for questions. If Talent&Pro has specific needs, we can suggest everything and Validata will think along with us about an appropriate solution. In addition, we can always give feedback when we think certain aspects of the screening process could be handled differently. This open and honest approach is in our opinion essential for a good relationship.’

Technological developments provide a faster screening process

‘Technological developments in the sectors we operate, follow each other in rapid succession. Validata continuously stays well informed and creates specific (software) solutions, which benefits our candidates. Our young professionals want to get to work quickly and would rather start today than tomorrow. I expect that Validata’s technological developments will only contribute to this in the coming years.’