Validata helps Quion find fitting screening solutions

‘Screening with Validata shows Quion has everything under control

Quion is a financial service provider with services like managing mortgages for various lenders. ‘Due to the nature of our work and the sensitive personal data being processed, employment screening has been part of our recruitment policy for many years,’ explains interim HR Manager Madelon Snel. ‘As a financial organisation, we need to show that our employees are reliable and that we comply with current (privacy) laws and regulations.’

Conducting the screenings ourselves, less time for our core business

Quion employs approximately 500 people, including acceptors drafting quotes and evaluating if a candidate meets all the mortgage criteria, as well as employees focusing on monthly operations such as taking care of the repayment process.

‘Until May 2019, we conducted the screenings ourselves,’ says Madelon. ‘Our HRM team was responsible for coordinating and the department Risk, Compliance and Security Issues for conducting the screenings, including cadastre checks and source verification. Both departments spent a lot of time on employment screening: from obtaining and checking data to (internal) communication.’

‘Because conducting employment screenings was not part of the regular activities of HR Management or the department Risk, Compliance and Security Issues, there was less time to spend on our core business. While talent management, strategy and personnel planning are important subjects within an organisation.’

Outsourcing to a professional screening organisation

‘After an online search for potential suppliers, I was drawn to Validata. Lisanne Vermeulen, Customer Success Manager at Validata, immediately sent us information about pre and in-employment screening and corporate screening. To reduce any possible risks, it is important to screen candidates before they start in an integrity-sensitive position. Current employees that change positions or get promoted are screened too.’

‘In addition to our search for a professional screening organisation, Bart ten Hoeve, Manager Risk, Compliance and Security Issues and I took care of our screening policy. It needed an update, including new screening profiles. Together with Validata, we came up with fitting screening solutions, based on our new policy and profiles.’

‘Working with Validata means working with people, not with an anonymous organisation.’

Madelon Snel, interim HR-manager, Quion

Complying with privacy laws and ISO accreditation

‘Another important reason to outsource our employment screening, is complying with current privacy laws. The requirements in this area are becoming increasingly strict. As an organisation in the financial sector, we are expected to have everything under control. Screening with Validata, shows that we do.’

‘We also need this guarantee for our ISO 27001 certification. During our most recent ISO audit, I could explain that our screenings are being professionally conducted by Validata. It feels great knowing that everything is taken care of and we do not have to worry about anything.’

‘Working together with a professional organisation, also means we can explain the objective and means of our screening to our organisation. Should there be any questions from our management, departments or candidates, then Validata provides the right information in a factsheet or a brochure, explaining the procedure.’

Searching for custom screening solutions together

‘Our contact with Lisanne and other employees of Validata, has been very pleasant from day one. When we ask a question, we immediately receive an answer. They pull out all the stops to find fitting solutions. Often, custom solutions are created, and any adaptations are implemented in no time.’

‘Also, our feedback is taken into account when optimising their service and software system. As they are currently developing a new application, we are involved in the process. Working with Validata means working with people, not with an anonymous organisation. Quion is a very happy customer due to our contact with Lisanne and the smart screening solutions Validata provides.’