A tailored screening process with a fast turnaround time with Validata

‘Every year we review our recruitment policy. Is it still up to date? Shouldn’t something be changed?’

With around 3000 employees, Holland Casino is a large and ever-changing company. All of Holland Casino’s new employees, from cleaners and croupiers to board members, go through an employment screening process. Since 2015, Holland Casino has outsourced this to Validata. ‘And that’s been working very well for us,’ says Kevin Bout, Policy Advisor Compliance. ‘Holland Casino was already working with Validata before I started. During my time here, Validata has always been involved in our recruitment process.’

Validata grows with your organisation

‘Over the years, Validata has been able to grow along with our business operations and needs. Last year, for example, we reviewed and rewrote our screening policy. Validata’s services are the perfect add-on to it.’

‘We wanted to redesign our recruitment process: keep it simple. Efficiency and accuracy are important to us..’

Kevin Bout, Holland Casino

‘Validata has a fast turnaround time, allowing us to hire a new employee within two weeks on average. Outsourcing employment screening to a company that values quality and efficiency, enables us to spend our time effectively on internal processes. The first steps of the screening process go hand in hand with the first phases of our recruitment process. By the time candidates have had their final interview, the screening process is complete.’

Customisation and a flexible approach

‘Validata fits in well with the character of our compliance department: independent and objective. They don’t just offer a handy screening tool, they are also flexible and think along with us about solutions. I like the fact that I’m not just buying a fixed product from them, but that there is room to design screening profiles matching  our  wishes. Holland Casino’s screening processes are very varied which also relates to our legal obligations. We need a different screening profile for each type of job due to the level of risk in each position.’

‘In addition, we’ve been undergoing a  organisation restructure, some positions have been adjusted and now require revised screening possibilities. Validata responds  to these changes very well. Some companies due to contract agreements are more flexible than others regardingwhat services they provide.. I admire how Validata deals with these requests. If I ask for something, I get all the information I need, and action is taken immediately. Everything goes well with Validata and our contact with Customer Success Manager Loetje de Koning is excellent.’

Complying with rules and privacy requirements

‘When outsourcing employment screening it’s important that the company concerned has its affairs in order and complies with the GDPR requirements by handling personal data carefully and lawfully. You can rely on Validata to do this. They meet the requirements, saving us a lot of extra work.’

‘I look forward to our continued collaboration. Given our healthy working relationship, I expect that together with Validata we can optimise the screening process even further to get it at its  highest possible level,’ Bout concludes.