Validata and Appical: The complete solution for pre- and onboarding

Onboarding and employment screening

Onboarding and employment screening are increasingly done online. Especially now that working from home has become the norm due to the pandemic. Consequently Laura Broekaart, Account Executive at Validata, has seen a growing demand for employment screenings. “These days you only get to speak to job applicants online. Employment screening helps you get a more complete picture of the candidate.”

But how do you ensure that a digital process is as complete and reliable as the live version? Validata and onboarding platform Appical have joined forces to offer a secure and user-friendly complete solution.

Validata and Appical join forces to tackle current needs

“Whether it’s a small town merchant or a large retailer, Appical always thinks along with its clients,” says Victor Romijn, Customer Success Manager at Appical. “Every organisation is different, so our solutions are different for each organisation.” That goes for Validata, too. “We’re seeing an increasing demand from organisations to integrate into their ATS or HR system. A year ago this was way less of an issue, but now this question comes up in every conversation with (potential) clients,” says Laura. “Candidates are going through more and more screenings, which can become a little unorganised. For example, a candidate’s passport or ID card may be handled by one employee, while a copy of their diploma is handled by another,” Laura says. “A software system with a personal online environment ensures that everything can be delivered, processed, and monitored in one central location. The screening report can eventually be downloaded from there as well.”

Thanks to Validata and Appical’s partnership, organisations no longer have to go to multiple parties to arrange their onboarding and employment screenings. “The integration of our system in Appical’s platform enables customers to take care of everything within their own environment,” Laura says. “This makes the whole onboarding process a lot more convenient.”

Full integration of Validata software in the Appical platform

“Organisations can let us know they want future employees to be screened as part of their onboarding process,” says Victor. “First they simply tick a box in our app and then they choose the correct screening profile for the job in question. Validata’s online system is integrated into our platform via an API.”

Because Validata and Appical offer their services as both desktop and mobile solutions, customers and candidates can log in at a time that suits them. Employers can check the status of an onboarding or screening more easily, and candidates have an easier time going through their employment screening.

“The two systems fit together seamlessly,” says Laura. “Which ultimately reduces the turnaround time considerably. This kind of efficiency and quality guidance makes employees experience their candidate journey positively, and that, of course, reflects well on the organisation where they will soon be working for.”

Want to know find our more about onboarding and Appical’s services? Check out their website.