The benefits of employment screening at a glance

Employment screening – the basis of a successful organisation

A fitting screening policy contributes to the success of your organisation. It is crucial when selecting capable and honest employees and thus helping to reduce risks and costs. Still, employment screening remains a tricky topic as both (potential) employees and their organisations often see screening as a necessary evil; a challenging and time-consuming process. That is why in this blog, we list some of the benefits of screening.

A successful screening policy saves costs

A common counterargument for organisations to start screening is the high costs. But these often turn out to be less high than the costs that are already made. In most cases, the current screening process can be arranged more efficiently. For example, by seamlessly connecting the different screening elements and the parties involved.

Also, pre-employment screening and in-employment screening help reduce unnecessary risks. If an employee appears to have a questionable past, the financial consequences can be disastrous. The estimated costs of a miss hire often lie between € 50.000 to € 100.000. It can also lead to reputational damage, which is when things can spiral out of control. Situations like these can be avoided by creating a fitting screening policy. Download our free whitepaper here, to learn more about the basics of employment screening.

Honest and capable employees create a successful organisation

An organisation that screens its employees before hiring shows it values quality. If you communicate early on that employment screening is part of the application process, it automatically has a preventive effect as only the most honest candidates apply. When you know who you are hiring, you can build honest and trustworthy teams. Something crucial for a successful organisation.

Employment screening is one of the first stages in the onboarding process and therefore, an important introduction. So, make sure new employees have a positive experience. Clear communication is crucial, as well as adequate guidance throughout the screening process. Always monitor the process and make sure that the employment screening is completed before signing the employment contract. Not only is this important with regard to the screening policy, but a correct completion reveals a lot about your organisation. Only if everything is arranged, can you make the right impression.