Insolvency register

According to the Financial Supervision Act, also known as the Wft, financial institutions are obligated to check whether an employee has ever been declared bankrupt. The Central Insolvency Register provides insight into this data.

Assess the reliability of financial workers

Section 4:11 of the Wft stipulates that the reliability of financial employees must be tested. This means that financial institutions must check whether an employee has ever been declared bankrupt (unless rehabilitation has taken place).

Consider the influence on reliability

If there has been a bankruptcy, a financial institution will have to consider whether the bankruptcy history leads to doubts in the reliability of the employee. The following issues come into play here:

  • The culpability of the bankruptcy;
  • The number of years since the bankruptcy was declared;
  • Other circumstances of the bankruptcy; and
  • The powers within the position of customer employee.

Why check the insolvency registry via Validata?

  • Complies with laws and regulations: To comply with the Wft as a financial institution, you need to check the reliability of your staff. Through a check of the insolvency register, you can be sure that there is no bankruptcy history that gives reason for doubt.
  • Validata takes care of it: After you have registered a (potential) employee and chosen a matching screening profile, Validata takes the work off your hands. You can then read the results back in the screening report.
  • Is a specialist in personnel screening: Validata has been a specialist in employment screening since 2009. Through our years of experience we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.

Personeel screenen met Validata

Een succesvolle organisatie valt of staat met de juiste medewerkers. Weet daarom wie je binnenhaalt en behoudt. Employment screening kan zekerheid bieden. Validata heeft voor elke sector en iedere functie een ander screeningsprofiel gecreëerd dat naar wens kan worden aangevuld. Naast de ID-check zijn er nog talloze andere screening checks om uit te kiezen.

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