Criminal background check

During a Criminal background check we check the data of potential employees.

Manage risks with an international criminal record

Similar to the Dutch certificate of conduct, the application for a Criminal background check supports risk management. It is not only encouraged by certain legislation and regulations but also by the organisation’s motivation. In certain sectors such as the financial, health care, education, and childcare sector you are obliged by law to demonstrate that a (potential) employee does not have a (international) criminal record. However, it is in your best interest to make sure that the integrity of a (potential) employee is right.

Online application for a criminal record

Validata has access to an extensive database of countries where we can request background and criminal record checks. We also have a dedicated team that focus on the application process for international certificates of conduct. They conduct research and ensure that Validata’s database is continuously updated.

Assessing the authenticity of an international criminal record

When Validata has received a criminal record, its authenticity must be assessed. This may take longer than with a Dutch certificate of conduct because for example, there may be a language barrier for a specific country. In this case, Validata will assign an exclamation mark to this section of the screening report. The authenticity of the document cannot be guaranteed directly and the (potential) employee will be asked to provide a professional translation.

Why conduct a Criminal background check via Validata?

  • Validata addresses your concerns: As soon as you have registered a (potential) employee and have chosen the matching screening profile, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands. The (potential) employee can then apply for a Criminal background check with help of specific instructions and upload the certificate.
  • Working collaboration with Justis Service: Validata assists with the application for the Criminal background check via the municipality and via DigiD. For the online application, Validata has partnered with Justis Service.
  • Specialises in employment screening: Validata has specialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.