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In-employment screening

In-employment screening

What is in-employment screening?

In-employment screening involves the verification of current employee data and mainly focuses on measuring the level of risk for an organisation. Checking credentials and work experience has already been done and therefore does not need further verification. The main aim of in-employment screening is determining if an organisation is facing an increased risk. The test includes checking integrity via a personal or integrity statement, verifying credit information and/or requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC).

Why do regular screenings become increasingly important? The top 5 reasons to cheat:

  • Lack of loyalty to the employer (40% of cases)
  • Personal debt (28% of cases)
  • Forced termination of employment (27% of cases)
  • Lack of interest in work activities (approximately 20% of cases)
  • Global financial crisis (approximately 14% of cases)


In-employment screening is becoming an increasingly important topic. The increasing fraud rates are not the only reason, although there is an indirect link. It has a lot to do with the reputation of certain sectors. After the global financial crisis, client-oriented organisations advocate reliability and therefore cannot risk distraction caused by fraud cases. Not only does it damage the organisation itself, but its reputation too.

Again, the financial sector takes the lead. This does not come as a surprise when we look at the numerous scandals in the past years. De Nederlandse Bank (DNB) has adopted the ‘UK Bribery Act’, to hold the line responsible for fraud prevention policy and targeted actions. As a direct result, organisations are now implementing regular screening policies.

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