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Identity Document Screening

Identity Document Screening
When hiring a new employee, trust is a crucial factor. To an employer, confidence in the capacities, expertise and motivation of a new employee is important. Being able to verify certain data is reassuring and offers a steady base for mutual trust. Resumes often contain falsehoods about having certain degrees, diplomas and work experience. However, information about identity or personal data can also be distorted. Screening the identity document is strongly advised. After scanning the document, its data can be checked; is the document still valid?

Assurance Through Identity Document Screening
There are several verification options regarding personal data or identity documents. For employers, hiring a new employee is a potentially risky consideration. Hiring someone who does not have the required expertise and skills, will eventually cost the organisation a lot of money. Dismissing an employee isn’t easy. In this case, prevention is better than cure. Having the correct personal data means you can trust an employee. Should something go wrong in the organisation or communication, the personal information at least remains correct. Checking the identity and identification document is important. However, many employers forget to do this or assume it is in order. Screening allows certain data that are important for the function to be verified and confirmed.

Minimising Risks with a Flexible Online Screening Process
Validata is specialised in screening people and organisations. With a user-friendly online screening process, relevant personal data of (future) employees can be screened and verified. The aim is to effectively control potential risks. It starts with the quality and integrity of the candidates. Outsourcing screening means you are guaranteed a professional screening report. Validata delivers fast and client-oriented, meets privacy law and legislation requirements and in keeping with the client’s policy. Therefore, the employer is ensured of the (potential) employee’s reliability and suitability. It helps to securely determine whether a potential employee could be a suitable and sustainable addition to your organisation.

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