Fast results with new features

Developing Valluga

A major project like the development of Valluga, asks for an efficient working method. Which method offers the best results in every developmental stage? Validata came to the conclusion that the best results do not come from using one method but several. That is why choosing the right method for every phase is so important. Through Agile methods such as Kanban, Scrum or a combination of both, Valluga is currently taking shape.

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Ontwikkeling applicatie Valluga

New Features

Our current system already receives a lot of positive feedback when it comes to candidate experience. With our new application Valluga, we take it even one step further. As Validata’s client, you want your candidates to go through their screening process fast and easy. Smart adaptations and innovative developments ensure you will be able to analyse the screening results even quicker. In this blog, we list every new feature of Valluga.

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Applicatie Valluga features

The Last Step

In the past months, we have been working hard on our new application. ‘We are now in the final developing phase of Valluga 1.0,’ says Bart Bijkerk (CTO/COO and Product Owner Valluga). ‘In September, this beta version will be thoroughly internally tested. Soon after, several selected clients start using Valluga 1.0. Their feedback helps us further fine-tune the application. We expect to present our new software system to all clients at the end of October.’

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API's en Integraties

What’s in the name?

The Valluga is a 2809 meter high mountain top in Austria. But for us, Valluga means so much more: it is the name of our new application. Obviously chosen with good reasons.

Valluga symbolizes the way to the top. From there you can see everything: you have wonderful views that will create new visions and ideas. Valluga brings our customers innovation, digitization and ensures that Validata is ready for the future.

Valluga Validata