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People determine the success of every organization. That is why Validata offers smart background screening solutions that are suitable for employers and employment agencies in every industry.

Employment screening in every industry

Validata is the market leader in employment background screening. We offer flexible online screening solutions and client-specific support in every industry. Whether you are in business services, retail, logistics, government, healthcare, or another industry, it is always important to make the right hiring decision.

Clarity in every sector


Protect yourself against fraud, non-payment, illegal practices, and comply with the legal requirements when renting or selling a property.


Want to make sure you have the right people working for you? Start by background checking your employees so that you can better control potential risks in the workplace.


The quality and professionalism of service are of paramount importance. Yet, do you also have insight into the integrity of your new employees? Start with employment screening.

Tempting & secondment

Keep your clients happy and ensure that your seconded employees are screened correctly.

Transport & Logistics

Valuable or dangerous goods. Avoid unnecessary risks and be familiar with your employees that work with them. Start employment screening.

Heavy Industry

Having honest employees in the right place within your organization results in better performance and higher customer satisfaction. Screen your new employees before they start.

Software & Telecom

Technological developments are rapidly taking place and risks are difficult to oversee. Honest employees are crucial to an organisation’s progress and success. Make safe and smart hiring decisions, start with employment screening.

How it works?

Step 1: Log in
Fill in your personal username and password
Step 2: Screening profile
Select the correct screeningsprofile for this candidate
Step 3: Details candidate
Enter the details of the candidate
Step 4: Person is being screened
Candidate receives an email with log-in details and request to partake in their own background screening.
Step 5: Start screening
Validata will process the screening and do all the actual background checks.
Sep 6: Screening completed
Both you and the candidate will receive a message that the screeningreport is completed and ready to be downloaded.

Customer stories


Working with Validata is a success. They relieve our work load in a professional, fast and efficient manner.

Det Olde Hampsink Manager HR Servicedesk
Bergman Clinics

Validata’s automated process saves us a lot of work, particularly with regard to verifying work experience, requesting the CGC and checking degrees and diplomas at DUO. Throughout each screening, we are updated on its progress, both via the system and email. Validata is a very practical tool!

Giovanna van Hasselt HR Employee

We can always count on the software and customer success managers at Validata.

Angelien Frehé Contract Support Office Employee

The system is fast, user-friendly and GDPR proof. It works great. We never receive any complaints

Peter van Grevengoed Manager Policy & Quality