Innovation with Valluga

Innovation is key with our new application: Valluga

Since our start in 2009, Validata has grown exponentially. As market leader in screening, we serve an increasing number of clients from various sectors. To offer assistance in sector-specific issues, our team of experts is always looking for new, future proof screening solutions. That’s why we’re launching our new application Valluga this year. It will replace our current application. Curious to know more about the new possibilities?

Choosing a rebuild or completely new application?

In 2014, we introduced our current application and it was based on all the knowledge and skills we had at that time. Since then, the application has been continuously redeveloped to meet todays requirements and use the most recent technological solutions. Why then, are we planning to introduce a completely new application?

Optimal support

Bart Bijkerk (CTO and Product Owner Valluga) explains, ‘Validata is rapidly expanding and our client base grows exponentially. To meet the growing demands from various sectors and keep developing new functions, we have analyzed our current application. Validata aims to help anyone with their screening issues. Important principles in this are: speed, efficiency and digitalizing even more processes.

At the end of 2018, we asked ourselves if we should strip our current application to its core and start redeveloping, or if we should create a completely new application.’

Applicatie Valluga features

Valluga will be entirely mobile based. This allows clients and candidates to log in to their secure online account at any time and place.

Valluga works faster, more efficient and is future proof

‘We chose the last option, because a new application offers the possibility to reconsider and rearrange every screening element to create a perfect solution for sector-specific requirements. As a pioneer in screening, Validata always tries to be one step ahead of the crowd. Innovation is a high priority on our agenda, as our clients and their candidates should be able to rely on a fast, efficient and secure screening process.’

With Valluga, customers and candidates are given more responsibility.

Which new functions does Valluga offer?

‘To this day, our current application still receives great reviews. With Valluga, our clients can rely on the same functions. However these will be optimized by using new technologies, feedback from our clients and the knowledge we have gained through the years. Just as with our current application, with Valluga we use privacy by design. This guarantees Validata and its clients to always meet the latest legal demands, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).’

‘With Valluga, clients and candidates will receive more responsibility. For example, large organizations can use a master account, where they can choose between multiple accounts and/or brands in the same environment. Also, Valluga will be entirely mobile based. This allows clients and candidates to log in to their secure online account at any time and place. With such innovation and digitalization and the assistance of our support team, successfully completing a screening in record time will be a breeze.’