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CV Check

A CV Check: What and Why?

A CV check is a means to see if the resumes that are sent in relation to a job opening or function contain falsehoods. Nowadays, it turns out that in more than half of the CV’s the truth is distorted. In some cases, elements such as work experience or degrees and diplomas are completely made up. For any function, it is important that a candidate at has the right qualifications and work experience.

Minimising Risks with a CV Check

After having hired an employee, it can turn out that he/she does not meet the requirements and expectations. It becomes a time-consuming and costly situation when an employee is dismissed and replaced for example. As an employer, hiring a new employee risky, but a CV check ensures that the facts provided by the candidate are clear. A CV check allows employers to hire a candidate faster, because they are certain of the employee’s capacities.

A CV Check and Privacy

A CV check focuses on analysing and verifying specific data of a candidate. Elements such as degrees, diploma’s and work experience are checked. The data is screened in accordance with privacy law, legislation and security requirements. Privacy is very important, for the employer as well as the employee. That is why professionals should meet specific rules and regulations when conducting a CV check.

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