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Background Check

Conducting a Background Check

Conducting a background check. Why would you do it and what advantages does it offer? In some situations, you need more certainty before you decide who you are taking on board. As an employer, finding the right candidate for a function can be difficult. As a letting agent or housing corporation, choosing the right tenant can also be a challenge. Unpleasant situations should be avoided as much as possible. The same counts for having regrets at a later stage. There are several methods that allow you to make an informed decision based on an accurate representation of a candidate.

A Background Check Provides Certainty

When hiring a new employee, conducting a screening is a good idea. A pre-employment screening checks the history of potential employees and offers the employer a full report. In many cases, a background check can provide valuable information. The following matters can be checked:

  • Credentials / education
  • Obtained degrees and diploma’s
  • References

Social Media and the Screening Process

Social media play a big role in modern society and this is an advantage for the screening process. Information about potential candidates can be gathered online and relevant details can be checked. When you start browsing yourself, chances are high you will not come across much relevant information. Therefore, having a professional conduct a background check is a good idea. It goes without saying that we always meet privacy law, legislation and security requirements.

A Professional Background Check Is Effective

Prevent unpleasant situations that cost an unnecessary amount of time and money. A professional knows the legal framework in which a candidate can and may be checked. Know who you are dealing with and let an accredited organisation conduct a background check. The digital screening process is easy to use for the employer as well as the candidate. Should a candidate forget to submit essential information, he/she will receive an automatic reminder.

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