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HireServe develops attractive, innovative and reliable recruitment solutions, based on years of experience in e-recruitment and extensive expertise in technology, interaction design and graphic design. Therefore, vacancies are easier to find, target audience(s) are within reach and employer brands are strengthened. HireServe focuses on the user-friendliness of their system, so working with their recruitment software is a positive experience for recruiters, managers and candidates alike. Together with clients, HireServe selects solutions to match the organisations and target groups.

Integration of Validata’s screening software

Through the integration of Validata’s screening software in HireServe, screening (potential) employees becomes more accessible. The data needed by Validata is already available in HireServe: the name, email address and mobile number of candidates for example. In other words: candidates are being screened ‘with a click of a button’, based on a suitable screening profile. These screening profiles are selected in advance, in coordination with the client and then added to a personal screening account. This enables (potential) employees to be screened with regard to responsibility, competence and demand.


Visma|Raet streamlines, automates and optimises recruitment processes for clients. Their custom recruitment software EasyCruit allows candidates to be recruited, selected and hired faster. Visma|Raet improves the recruitment process, so candidates as well as recruiters enjoy a more positive experience. Through the integration of Validata’s innovative screening software in EasyCruit, clients and candidates are adequately assisted and experience the comfort of being sure.


Appical is an easy and effective platform for the preboarding, onboarding and offboarding of employees. A plug-and-play SaaS solution with a native iOS- and Android-app and focuses on creating pleasant employee experiences.

Appical offers clients:

  • Preboarding: Starts before the first day of work, so new employees are well prepared.
  • Onboarding: Fast and efficient engagement of new employees.
  • Reboarding: Get your employees back to the office safe.
  • Offboarding: Retaining knowledge and experience as well as gathering feedback and building sustainable relations with former employees.

Validata and Appical’s Partnership

We have joined forces to provide a fast and efficient screening process to our clients. Validata’s screening software is integrated in Appical, resulting in a more user-friendly, complete solution to screen current and future employees.


An all-in-one solution

AFAS provides one integrated software package for businesses. The ERP software is a total solution for a business’s HRM, Payroll, Procurement, Financial, CRM, Project administration and workflow, and document management. The advantage? Employees no longer have to perform repetitive manual tasks. It reduces the chance of errors and saves time. With a complete ERP system, all employees can focus on their core tasks again.

AFAS serves a small number of employees to corporates with thousands of employees. From healthcare institutions to accountancy firms, from bakeries to construction companies, the ERP system can be tailored for every size of the company and every industry.

AFAS Partnership logo

Validata & AFAS

The Validata & AFAS integration allows for businesses to screen employees directly through AFAS software. Customers have one single point of entry and all screening reports, statuses and documentation are located centrally in AFAS.  With the ATS integration, there is no need to enter candidate data twice, submission is faster and the result? A fully optimized and digitized screening process.


ADP, a specialist in HR and payroll solutions offers software that supports employees throughout the HR process and optimises business results. Their cloud-based solution automates HR including expense severance, schedules, training, and reviews.

Together with ADP, Validata’s software integration allows you to benefit from both ADP’s HR services and seamlessly conduct employment screening from within your HR process.

ADP logo

HR solutions
ADP’s cloud solutions automate HR, including expense severance, schedules, training, and reviews.

Payroll solutions
ADP eliminates time-consuming payroll work and optimise the reward system. Whether people work locally or worldwide, ADP offers broad solutions

HCM solutions
Companies experience a lot of added value by combining HR and Payroll in a cloud-based HCM solution.

Data required by law, fast and adequately checked

equensWorldline is one of the largest payment processors in Europe, with a market share of 12,5% in the eurozone. As they provide a financial service, they need to comply with sector-specific laws and regulations, including the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). This law requires employers to check if (potential) employees are reliable and/or have ever been declared bankrupt. Also, requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) is mandatory.

Validata as a reliable and professional partner

To adequately check the previously mentioned data, equensWorldline was looking for a reliable, professional partner. They asked Validata to take care of the majority of the screening process. Here, the following elements were important:

  1. Transparency and clarity of the screening process.

equensWorldline has to justify the screening process to regulators, including De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and card schemes MasterCard and VISA Card.

2. The possibility to completely align the screening process with the screening policy.

For each position, the appropriate screening elements are selected. Some positions need a more thorough screening profile, including specific checks in addition to the usual verifications. Also, as equensWorldline is operating internationally, all screening profiles should comply with local laws.

‘Validata does what we agreed to when starting our collaboration. For many years, they have been taking care of an important part of our onboarding process, for our national as well as international staff.’

Jean-Paul Haack – CFE equensWordline

‘Because of constructive conversations, clever contributions and the flexible attitude of Validata, adapting current screening profiles or developing new screening profiles is done fast. And should we need any assistance, we can always count on their Support department,’ says Jean-Paul Haack.

Quality improvement of (international) employment screening

With its smart solutions, Validata contributes to the quality improvement of (international) employment screening. Outsourcing an important part of the screening process means it is arranged more efficiently now, so equensWorldline can fully focus on its financial service.

Guaranteeing the quality and integrity of employees

How do you guarantee the quality and integrity of employees that are placed at various clients? ICT organisation Ordina has approximately 2650 employees and focuses on placing ICT professionals, high performance teams and executing projects. Since 2015, Ordina and Validata have been working closely together to screen employees, based on 45 different screening profiles, prior to their placement. Officer Angelien Frehé explains how this long-standing relationship contributes to an optimal service.

Effective employment screening demands time and effort

‘Processing client requests, drafting contracts, screening employees and placing them at clients are the responsibility of the Sourcing Hub, a new name for a previously existing department at Ordina,’ says Angelien. ‘Employment screening is an important part of our daily operations.’

‘Before 2015, Ordina conducted the employment screenings itself; from guiding the entire process to requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC). Monitoring our employees after placing them at a client – Do they adequately execute their work? Is the project completed withing the agreed time? – was our responsibility too. At the time, Ordina experienced an exponential growth. We received countless requests and created many placements. In the end, we decided that conducting the screenings ourselves took too much time of the one person responsible.’

Outsourcing employment screening to relieve Ordina

‘That is why we started searching for a professional screening organisation that could relieve us from the work. That could arrange several screening profiles and structure our processes. After having done some research and receiving positive reviews, we approached Validata, that was still called CV-OK at the time.’

‘Bart Bijkerk (Sales & Marketing Manager at Validata then and currently CTO/COO) took us by the hand, showed us the possibilities and the software system. Ordina was asked to present any request imaginable. Validata responded by creating a fitting solution to relieve Ordina where possible. For example: upon starting a screening, Validata notifies our employees of what is expected at which moment, and which input is needed to complete the screening process as soon as possible.’

‘For Validata, no request seems to be too much; within a few days they have created a new profile we can use.’

Angelien Frehe, Ordina

Efficient employment screening due to new infrastructure

‘Our successful conversations with Validata resulted in a new infrastructure at Ordina, so our employment screenings could be conducted more efficiently. In addition, employee instructions were created for those responsible for the various screening elements and Validata organised special trainings at our office. We also visited Validata in Amsterdam, to see the software system in action and test our own screening processes. They pulled out all the stops to meet our requirements. A very positive experience.’

‘Eventually, Robbert Remmers – Commercial Manager at Validata – took over from Bart. For him too, nothing is too much to ask. Everything is arranged for us and nothing is overlooked. It brings peace of mind to work together with an organisation that sticks to its agreements.’

Two separate screening accounts for Ordina and SourcePower

‘For a long time, Source Power has been part of Ordina. This private company focuses on placing external employees – including freelancers – at our clients. Next to Ordina’s regular screening account, a separate account was created in 2017 for SourcePower. Together with Robbert, we arranged similar screening profiles to the ones we use for Ordina. The only difference is that SourcePower has two accounts less. Also, external employees pay for their own employment screening and for the elements that are included in it, like requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC).’

‘Because of the various requirements of our clients, the screenings of both Ordina and SourcePower consist of an enormous amount of profiles. Together with Validata, we have arranged at least 45 different screening profiles to reflect the specific requirements of our clients. For Validata, no request seems to be too much; within a few days they have created a new profile we can use.’

Complete trust in the service and software of Validata

‘Not only can we always count on our contact person at Validata, but the software system they use for the employment screenings is easy to access too. Both Ordina and its employees can log into their personal online account 24/7. There are never any technical failures that prevent us from using the system. What is more, the system is safe, secure and user-friendly.’

‘Of course, going through a screening process remains a challenge for employees. They are expected to be actively involved and submit the necessary information and documents within a certain time frame. Validata guides our employees through the screening process by clearly indicating what is expected before and during their screening. When approaching a deadline, reminders are sent to still obtain the necessary information. In the end, a screening process should be completed in an efficient manner, so Ordina receives the results fast. Our employees need to be placed at our clients sooner rather than later. Up till now – with a few exceptions – this has always been the case. Validata is a partner you can rely on.’

‘We believe that screening with Validata will further increase our quality standards’

The Page Group is an internationally operating listed company, focusing on recruitment. ‘We work in various sectors and recruit candidates from HBO to C-level,’ explains Ilze Lamers HR Director in Northern Europe. ‘Our partnership with Validata started when we wanted to further improve our service to our end customers.’

Partnership with Validata started in opposite direction

‘We actually took a different route than most organisations working with Validata. The Page Group consists of the brands Page Personnel, Michael Page and Page Executive. And since we are constantly optimising our recruitment services, we asked Validata to verify the personal data in candidates’ resumes, in addition to the competence interviews we organise ourselves and the referees we get in touch with.’

‘We believe that screening with Validata will further increase our quality standards within our sector. We consider checking the personal data of our clients’ candidates to be an extra service. Therefore, the Page Group pays the additional costs and does not invoice the end customers.’

The value of Validata is that virtually anything is possible

‘During our search for a professional screening organisation, several clients working in the financial sector – that have a legal obligation to screen their candidates and current personnel – recommended Validata. What initially began as an additional service to our clients, we subsequently started using ourselves. To continuously guarantee the quality and integrity within the Page Group, we asked Validata to check the personal data of our own candidates too.’

‘The value of Validata is that virtually anything is possible. During our first meeting, we selected the screening elements to suit our specific needs. Validata keeps a finger on the pulse; with regard to our sector as well as the Page Group. And through asking the right questions, they create fitting solutions. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they always offer sound advice.’

‘Even in this global pandemic, the Page Group wants to guarantee that the processing of personal data of candidates is securely done now that some of our employees are working from home.

Ilze Lamers, HR Director Northern Europe, Michael Page Group

Each screening can be adapted to our current requirements

‘After we started our own pre-employment screening, Validata organised specific trainings so we could get acquainted with their screening software. We explored the wide range of possibilities and learned how to adapt each screening to both our personal requirements and our end customers’ needs.’

‘Throughout an employment screening, Validata provides the right information at the right time, so candidates and referees know what is expected of them. If needed, reminders are sent to prevent the process from slowing down. The screening results are delivered fast, so candidates can start sooner at our end customers or with us. Because Validata knows our (recruitment) processes inside out, they can provide a fast and efficient service.’

Validata stays flexible and continuously provides fitting solutions

‘Validata remains flexible under any circumstances. If anything changes – whether on a global or local level – they act accordingly by immediately adapting our screening processes. The fact that they keep an eye on recent developments is crucial, as we continuously need to provide a great service to our clients.’

‘I really value Validata’s pro-active attitude,’ says Ilze. ‘Not only do they always keep a finger on the pulse, they also immediately notify us if any inconsistencies are found in the resumes of candidates. Validata provides the sector-specific assistance that takes us further and does not hesitate to get in touch when required.’

The impact of COVID-19 on our recruitment and security solutions

‘Because of the impact of COVID-19, our sector experiences a decrease in recruitment requests. We can discuss situations like these with Validata, who instantly come up with suitable solutions to meet the current requirements. Also, the way we conduct our screenings is adapted, so we continuously comply with the changing COVID-19 measures. Nowadays, we can no longer invite candidates for a live interview for example, so we have to rely on digital solutions instead.’

‘Even in this global pandemic, the Page Group wants to guarantee that the processing of personal data of candidates is securely done now that some of our employees are working from home. Therefore, we have instructed our security professionals to make sure that our online environment is secure at any time and under any circumstances. I can imagine that in the near future, Validata will be asked to play a role here too.’

International screening for subsidiaries

Europe, with so many different countries and cultures, appears to be a complex continent to collect all relevant data quickly and efficiently. Inevidentally, there can be major differences between different countries in the extent to which employment screening is accepted, which background checks are allowed and what data is available.

White paper about screening for multinationals with subsidiaries located in different countries

When a multinational operates in different countries and employs a variety of international employees, managing employment screening is a challenge. In this white paper, we will examine the following topics in more detail:

  • The conditions for international employment screening: For any internationally operating organisation, there are three fctors that determine the ease and success with which employment screening can be performed.
  • (Inter)national laws and regulations: Which local (privacy) legislation do you have to comply with?
  • Managing international employment screening: How you can manage employment screening on an international level efficiently and comply with GDPR requirements
Download the whitepaper