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Privacy Policy Validata Group BV
Version 2017.02

This Privacy Policy provides information about how Validata Group B.V. processes your personal details, i.e. your ‘personal data’ as referred to in the Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, Wbp). This Privacy Policy also applies to CV-OK, Wonen-OK and Vrijwilliger-OK, the tradenames by which Validata Group B.V. offers her services to the market. 

Validata Group BV has a ‘POB’ license (no. 1533), for maintaining a private detective agency as referred to in the (Dutch) Law on private security firms and detective agencies.

Validata Group B.V. is registered with the Dutch DPA (‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’) under number m1612862.

Why does Validata Group B.V. process personal data?

Validata Group B.V. conduct background screening at the request of clients. Our clients include your (future) employer, employment or secondment agency, recruitment company, organisations you wish to join or for which you work on a voluntary basis, or your (future) landlord with whom you intend to enter into agreement.

These clients have a legitimate interest in having your integrity assessed, and will hence decide to what extent it is relevant and necessary that you are screened on certain aspects by CV-OK, Vrijwilliger-OK or Wonen-OK, while taking into account your interest at protecting your privacy.

Do I have to be screened?

It is not compulsory for you to cooperate with the screening. If you object to (elements of) the screening, it is best that you contact our client, at whose request we conduct the screening. You can also contact Validata Group B.V. at the Validata Group Service Center: +31 (0)88 0502100 or

For what purposes does Validata Group B.V. process personal data?

Validata Group B.V. processes personal data for the purpose of performing a background screening. The results of the screening serve as a means for our clients to gain a perspective on your integrity. Validata Group B.V. encourages clients to discuss the results of the screening with you. In addition, Validata Group B.V. processes personal data in order to keep them available to you for a next screening, so that you will not have to go through the entire screening procedure again. Your personal data is stored in your own, secured environment.

What personal data does Validata Group process?

During each screening, Validata Group B.V. processes the following personal data:
  • First name(s), surname, address, gender, email address, telephone number
In addition, the following personal data may be processed, depending on how the background screening is made up by the client:
  • CV data: work and education history, references;
  • ID document: processing of a scan of your valid passport of identity card with the purpose of verifying the document itself. Verification is done on the basis of various authentication features, including in particular the mrz-code (‘machine readable zone’), which can be found on the front side of the ID document;
    For holders of a Dutch ID document: Validata Group is not entitled to process your BSN and encourages you to make it black.
  • Data of your VAR (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status): verification and copy of the VAR declaration;
  • Data of your Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG): verification and copy of your VOG certificate, or equivalent of the Criminal Record from the country where you lived; 
  • Data about your work and education history: verification of your work and education history, any comments made by previous employers, DUO, training institute or Nuffic;
  • Financial data: inclusion in the receivership register or insolvency register, credit rating;
  • Data of a Personal Integrity Statement: details about the relationship between private financial obligations and income or capital, details about a previous bankruptcy of the person concerned, details about suspension and dismissal history, details about any relevant extracurricular activities of the person concerned, details about the accuracy of the education history and work experience provided, details about any other circumstances raising doubts about the reliability/expertise and integrity of the person concerned, details about any conviction for a crime or an economic offence, details about the person concerned as a defendant in criminal proceedings for a crime or an economic offence;
  • Data about the presence of the person concerned in online sources, including profiles in social media, messages of the person concerned in news media and activities of the person concerned in blogs and forums;
  • Data about additional documents which are collected, verified or checked at the request of the client, such as a payslip, a non-disclosure agreement, an employer’ s declaration or a declaration submission disciplinary law;
  • Data about the presence of the person on any international tables on terrorism (‘PEP’ and sanction lists);
Your screening has been prepared in accordance with the client’s policy, taking account of Wbp requirements, including particularly the requirements concerning proportionality and subsidiarity.

Who has access to my data?

Our client, you and Validata Group staff members. In order to perform specific elements of the screening or for verification purposes, Validata Group B.V. shares the relevant personal data with BMO, the Education Executive Agency (DUO), Nuffic, ID Checker and Focum. CV-OK has entered into a so-called data processing agreement with these parties. In addition your data may be shared with specific educational institutions, references, and staff of specific sector and/or vocational registers.  After completion of the screening, Validata Group will inform both you and our client of the screening report (PES report) at the same time.

Are my details safe?

Validata Group B.V. has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure personal data against loss or any other form of unlawful processing.

How long will my data be stored?

Validata Group B.V. stores personal data for a period of five years from the moment your last screening was completed. Your data is stored in your own personal environment, and may only be used for the purpose of a new screening provided that you have given your consent to this screening. After the period of 5 years, Validata Group B.V. will anonymise the data.

Can I inspect or correct my data after submitting them to Validata Group B.V.?

TTo inspect the personal data processed by Validata Group B.V. you can log into your CV-OK account or submit a request for inspection. Validata Group B.V. can only correct personal data if they are factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant for the purpose(s) for which they are processed, or are being processed in a way that violates the applicable legislation. To submit a request for inspection, please contact our Service Center:
+31 (0) 88 050 2100 or

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